ChemTools DEOX R1 Multi Purpose Lubricant Royce Simmons 300G can 50% OFF NORMAL LIST PRICE

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DEOX R1™ Multi-Purpose (Prev. Thin Film) Lubricant

DEOX R1™ Multi-Purpose Lubricant is formulated for the professional tradesperson using high quality, superior ingredients and refined mineral oil distillates. It guarantees outstanding ‘first time, every time’ lubrication, dissolving grease and cleaning most metal surfaces.

DEOX R1™ displaces water, and repels moisture, leaving a light surface film behind to prevent corrosion and offer ongoing protection. It is also extremely effective at loosening rusted parts, stopping squeaks, and reducing wear and friction.

R1 Multi-Purpose

For a limited time, Chemtools will donate $2 from the sale of every can of R1 Multi-Purpose (teal coloured label, see images) to the Royce Simmons Foundation in support of Dementia research. Please consider ordering part number CT-R1RS-300 instead of CT-R1-300 and help us fund a cure.

Note: R1 Multi-Purpose is the same great product as DEOX R1™, but with a limited time label in sponsorship of Royce and his foundation.